What is Corian? Corian vs Granite?

A question we get asked a lot is: what is Corian and how do you compare it to Granite and other Engineered Stone. If you are not sure yourself, then this blog post will explain it in much more detail. What is Corian? Corian is a solid, non-porous, homogenous surfacing material that can be bent to infin8 shapes through a process called Thermoforming. At Infin8 Surfacing, we can create large designs out of Corian to look like one piece - with inconspicuous joins. Corian vs Granite While Granite has a rich, visual texture, it can be limited when it comes to design flexibility. With Corian, the main benefit is that you can bend and mould it to an infin8 number of shapes. With the same weight and look of granite, Corian also has further benefits: It is non-porous, scratch and heat resistant, appears seamless with no join lines, very hygienic and it can be repaired and re-polished to as good as new. It is warm to the touch and can be thermoformed to any shape, curve or size imaginable. Corian infographic: What is Corian Have a look at this info graphic to discover more about Corian: What is Corian? Why is it ideal for solid surfacing?If you enjoyed this post on what is Corian, make sure to read how to clean Corian in 3 easy steps